An easy to use scrim automation discord bot

  • Added %register format
  • Added waitlist role
  • Added confirmation reactions
  • Added custom emojis
  • and many more...23/08/2022


    Most times, ScrimSider's command function depends on the roles of the author.
    For proper understanding of the roles required to initiate a ScrimSider command, assume your server has the following roles:
    • @staff: Role for admin, staff and moderators
    • @reg: Role for scrim registration (can be @t1, @Tier1, @everyone, @community, ...)
    • @code: Role for participating captains to view room code channel (can be @lobbyA, @LobbyB, @event, ...)
    • @all: Any role (can be none, @community, @guest, @everyone, ...)
    And the following channels:
    • #reg: Channel for scrim registration (can be #reg-channel, #registration, ...)
    • #code: Channel to view room code (can be #lobbyA, #LobbyB, #room-code, ...)
    • #all: All Channels (can be #staff, #public, #chat ...)
    - Replace [...] with your data (do not include [ ] ).
    - For members with staff role, most commands will work on any channel.

    CommandFunctionRole & channel
    !scrimsiderView all available commands@any #all
    !scrimsider-updatesView latest bot updates. Follow @aei_devhub on instagram for all bot updates@any #all
    !scrimsider-helpGet bot guide and invite link@any #all
    !scrimsider-scrimView scrim management commands@any #all
    !transfer-[tag]-[@user]Transfer captain & code role for team with tag 'tag' to @user@code #all
    Scrim registration format 1 (Reg type = Regular)@reg #reg
    Scrim registration format 2 (Reg type = Regular)@reg #reg
    !reg-[teamCode]Scrim registration format (Reg type = Code)@reg #reg
    !team-[teamCode]Check if team exists in server@any #all

  • !reg
  • !transfer-[tag]-[@user]

  • To use this command, the member must be the captain of the team with tag 'tag', and mut have @code role.

    CommandFunctionRole & channel
    !s-teamsList registered teams@staff #all
    !s-teams-cacheView cached teams@staff #all
    !s-fixUse cached teams@staff #all
    !s-teams-tagList registered teams and tag team captains. Use status command to tag only unconfirmed teams@staff #all
    !s-confirmedView all teams with status 'confirmed'@staff #all
    !s-confirm-[tag]Manually change team status to 'confirmed'@staff #all
    !s-cancel-[tag]Manually change team status to 'cancelled' (doesn't remove team)@staff #all
    !s-remove-[tag]Remove team with tag 'tag' from registered list@staff #all
    !s-clearClear scrim channels and remove code roles@staff #all

    These commands are only available for servers with Reg type 'Code'.
    CommandFunctionRole & channel
    !team-[teamCode]Check if team exists in server@all #all
    !reg-[teamCode]Scrim registration format (Reg type = Code)@reg #reg
    !s-create-[teamCode]Create new team data with code 'teamCode'@staff #all
    !s-edit-[teamCode]Edit existing team data having code 'teamCode'@staff #all
    !s-delete-[teamCode]Delete team data having code 'teamCode'@staff #all
    !s-banlistView all banned team codes@staff #all
    !s-ban-[teamCode]Add teamCode to ban list@staff #all
    !s-unban-[teamCode]Remove teamCode from ban list@staff #all

  • !team-[teamCode]
  • !reg-[teamCode]
  • CommandFunctionRole & channel
    !s-configView all server configuration@staff #all
    !s-channelsSet scrim reg and code channels@staff #all
    !s-rolesSet scrim reg and code roles@staff #all
    !s-wl-[@waitlist-role]Set scrim waitlist role (if needed)@staff #all
    !s-emojisUse custom emojis for ScrimSider@staff #all
    !s-daysOn & off scrim@staff #all
    !s-timeSet scrim time@staff #all
    !s-size-[number]Set scrim max lobby size@staff #all
    !s-slot-[number]Set start slot@staff #all
    !s-board-[orgKey]Add BoardSider board to bot (optional)@staff #all
    !s-pushPush scrim teams to BoardSider's board (optional)@staff #all

  • !s-time
  • The bot uses UTC as its timezone. Kindly convert your timezone to UTC when setting up the bot.
    Scrim time should follow the format HH:MM where H (hour) from 0 to 24 (15 = 3pm, 03 = 3am).
  • Reg open time: At this time, the bot changes the #reg-channel permission to allow @reg-role send message (register).
    5 minutes before this time, the bot sends a reminder message 'Registration opens in 5 minutes @reg-role'
  • !s-size-[number]
  • Set the maximum number of registration to accept.
    Registrations by members with staff role will always be accepted (bypasses the lobby size limit)

  • !s-board-[orgKey]
  • This command is for those using BoardSider to manage their scrim leaderboard.
    You can obtain orgKey by creating an organisation on BoardSider.

  • !s-push
  • This command is for those using BoardSider to manage their scrim leaderboard. Copies your scrim registered teams to your server's leaderboard.